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Pakkematerjalid ja pakendamine
Pakendamine ja pakkematerjalide müük
Pakendamine ja pakkematerjalid
Pakendamine ja pakkematerjalide müük
Pakkematerjalid ja pakendite valmistamine
Pakkematerjalid ja pakendite valmistamine





The industry of packaging materials is exciting and full of opportunities PAKENDI specialists, who know the “psychology” of packaging materials the best  will help you navigate in this “world”.

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Corrugated cardboard as a packaging material is soft and strong but at the same time its environmentally friendly and durable. We make different sized boxes and cases from corrugated cardboard. The solution to a product that  is demanding or needs protection is a box/case with columns and strong constructions, which could be opened and closed repeatedly. There are corrugated cardboards with different intesities; three - ,five - and seven - layered corrugated cardboard, boxes and tabs from corrugated cardboard. In addition, we also offer boxes in standard dimensions, which fit into common parcel terminals.


Carton is cardboard with different thicknesses and compositions from which packages with various constructions could be made of. Carton is reusable and its influence to environment is repeatedly smaller in comparison with plastic or glass. Carton packages are very common in commercial, food -, cosmetics -, electronics -, printing - and pharmaceutical industries, where they help to protect the products from light and air.

Paper bags from different materials are a comfortable and cheap way to pack food -, manufacturing - or essential goods. From PAKENDI selection  you will be able to find paper bags, plastic bags, strong fiber plastic bags, bags with handles, lifting bags


Honey paper is here to stay. It is an environmentally friendly decorative 3D paper for convenient and secure packaging. It protects glass, porcelain, etc. from breakage and speeds up the packaging of food, cosmetics, etc. One paper - multiple uses, this slim paper is an efficient helper in many industries. Irregular shaped, eco, premium products and even flowers can be easily packed in cellulose paper. An innovative approach to packaging that makes you forget the bubble wrap. During stretching, the corrugated paper is transformed and the resulting 3D structures create a kind of "air cushion" that ensures safe packaging even for delicate products. The ideal stretching machine for cellulose paper is a special device/machine that is easy to use. See a brief introduction HERE.

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Various courier packaging (L and XL sizes) and parcel packaging (XS, S, M, L sizes) in both cardboard and corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard packaging envelopes are ideal for e-commerce needs. They are ideal for shipping items that require secure sealing and come with an adhesive strip inserted inside the package - allowing the cardboard envelope to be sealed tightly without the need for adhesive tape. This type of packaging also has a tear strip on the outside to make it easier to open the envelope. The use of cardboard envelopes ensures that the contents do not wrinkle during transport because the envelopes are rigid and durable. The envelopes are available in three different sizes and, thanks to their adjustable height, can be adapted to packages of different thicknesses (max 50 mm).


It is a paper filling made of 100% recycled paper in different sizes. Fills perfectly the empty space of the packaging and protects the products from bumps. Suitable for packaging products, it is also the cheapest solution on the market. One filling paper and many different options, perfect for packaging products from different industries. The paper will take care of your company's image as an environmentally responsible company. Combined with a dispenser, it greatly improves packaging. All irregularly shaped, eco and premium products etc. can be easily packed in the filling paper.

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Ecological cushioning materials provide excellent protection for shipments during transport, regardless of the shape or size of the product. Crispy cushioning material is fully biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally safe, enhancing the content of the package. When the customer no longer needs the cushioning material, they can simply dissolve it in water.

Another trend is the use of ecological and aesthetic paper packaging fillers. Paper chips fill empty spaces in the package, making transportation safer. Made entirely from biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. Cushioning and void fill materials are available in a wide range of colors.


Various sizes of tapes, color-coded fastening tapes, warning tapes, and construction tapes help to cover and install, pack, seal, insulate, or distinguish items. Tapes are used in construction, automotive industry, painting, packaging, transportation, and other professional industries. High-quality hand and machine tapes with different adhesion levels are designed to withstand both high and low temperatures. There are painter tapes made from different materials and various adhesives, double-sided tapes, aluminum tapes, warning tapes, fastening tapes, and security seals.

Packaging straps help secure goods for transportation and lifting. We offer straps for hand, automatic, and semi-automatic settings. From PAKENDI OÜ, you can find packaging straps in special sizes: polyester straps, polypropylene straps, metal straps, textile straps, and woven straps.

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Wrap films in its many versions is a versatile material with thousands of uses. Stretch wrap protects products from moisture, dirt, and dust, covering items of any size or complex shape. Protecting a product with wrap film aids in better handling and loading while safeguarding the package from wear and tear or damage. 
Wrap film is an indispensable tool in construction, trade, manufacturing, food, cosmetics, forestry, and agronomy industries. We offer wraps film for both manual and machine packaging.
Machine stretch wrap film with various stretch capabilities are suitable for different packaging machines and help to quickly wrap large and complex items such as furniture or construction materials. Our packaging range includes different strength wood veneer wrap films, vapor barrier wrap films, shrink wrap films, and stretch wrap films with tensioning properties. To protect goods from vibration and impact, we offer bubble wrap films in various sizes. Customers of PAKENDI OÜ are increasingly interested in different colored wrap films, as well as reusable materials or biodegradable wrap films.


High-quality and durable pallets help to transport shipments safely and conveniently while efficiently storing them. You can find from us certified standard-sized pallets in common EUR dimensions, with various load capacities and treatments. These pallets are made of plastic, highly reliable, reusable, and feature an anti-slip surface treatment. 

The cargo pallets have been tested with ISO standard loads and exhibit a stable and uniform surface distribution. High-quality plastic euro pallets, or cargo pallets, are easily stackable and maintainable, impact-resistant, and have very minimal wear and tear. Compared to wooden pallets, plastic pallets have better load-bearing capacity and the material is significantly more stable. Primarily designed for transporting and storing goods, these pallets offer a multitude of uses with a bit of creativity and provide numerous possibilities for various applications.

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