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Binding and different bindings

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Pakendi OÜ binds all the different types of printed matter in the way that is necessary and suitable for the customer. There are many different ways of binding, but the most commonly used are these:

  • perfect binding - suitable for binding books, magazines, workbooks, various information materials, etc. Glue binding looks simple and beautiful, a traditional way of presenting publications. A cheaper, yet high quality and durable binding method. A thin layer of glue is used to attach the contents to the cover of the publication. Perfect binding can be made in a variety of formats with both hard and soft covers.

  • combing - in turn subdivided into wire combing and plastic combing. The printed sheets are attached to each other with plastic-covered wire or wire binding material, which vary in colour and size. Combed binding is also called wire-o binding. Calendars, various manuals, handbooks and educational materials are very often bound in comb binding.

  • spiral rope - mostly wire spiral rope but also plastic spiral rope, looks like a spring. Often used to bind calendars, books, manuals, user guides, etc.

  • staple binding - a publication is usually stapled using two (or more) metal staples. Of all the binding methods, staple binding is the most economical, very widely used method. It is most commonly used for educational materials, promotional material, thinner books.

Pakendi OÜ pakub erinevad köitmisviise. Liimköide, kammköide, spiraalköide ja klamberköide on kõige levinumad meetodid.


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