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Pakendi "TAILOR" What does it mean?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The packaging "TAILOR" is a fitting name to describe our work and projects. Each work is unique and distinctive, each project different. Thoughtful solutions add value to the product and market it, it's practicality and an investment in product marketing. PAKENDI's staff has a very long experience and a variety of challenges, there is no "problem" that cannot be solved.

Originality and simplicity are always appealing themes, approaching product printing or packaging in this way always makes the result interesting to follow and, if necessary, to improve. The passion of the PAKENDI is the finished product.

Printing services, packaging, packaging services, production solutions - all these are "SERVICES OF THE RIGHT".

PAKENDI erinevad teenused: trükiteenused, pakendamisteenused, pakendid, pakkematerjalid, laoteenused.
PAKENDI Various services: printing services, packaging services, packaging, packaging materials, warehousing.

Printing services, packaging manufacturing, packaging, packaging materials sales, e-shop support services, warehouse services and corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons manufacturing Packaging OÜ

Read more about printing services and packaging on the Pakendi blog.

Also check out Pakendi's YouTube channel.

Visit also the website of Pakendi OÜ's parent company Pakenditööstus OÜ.

Get in touch and discover how PAKENDI OÜ can help you stand out through packaging!

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