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Why use corrugated cardboard?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

When we talk about packaging, the first things that come to mind are corrugated boxes and cartons. For more than 150 years, the packaging material of kraft paper has been in use and its popularity is based on its versatility: it is soft and strong, durable and environmentally friendly.

Pakendid, pakkematerjalid, pakenditrükk.

PAKENDI OÜ manufactures corrugated cardboard boxes and boxes in various sizes. If the product needs protection or is more demanding in nature, boxes and cartons with a strong construction, compartments that can be reopened and closed repeatedly are the solution.

While corrugated boxes used to be fairly similar, the development of internet commerce has also led to major developments in the corrugated market. Corrugated cardboard of different strengths is available: three-, five- and seven-layer corrugated cardboard, boxes and corrugated cardboard dividers.

PAKENDI is focused on the production and design of different types of cardboard and corrugated packaging, our major strength lies in the production of corrugated packaging and the supply of INJET flats for packaging material. Printing capability on ready-made flat cardboard or corrugated sheet and board. From cardboard PACKAGING to LARGE corrugated packaging solutions. The most widely used corrugated materials are characterised by their brown and white colouring and their a- and b-wave.

PAKENDI offers standard solutions as well as customised packaging solutions according to your wishes and needs. We can also provide printing on the box, from a simple logo to more complex designs or instructions for use.

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Visit also the website of Pakendi OÜ's parent company Pakenditööstus OÜ

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