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What is corrugated cardboard made of?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Cardboard, also known as corrugated cardboard, is a specially manufactured material made from paper pulp. The paper pulp is made up of different components which in turn make it a strong, light and versatile material. Corrugated cardboard is characterised by the waviness of the material, which makes it easy to identify. Corrugated board is characterised by its colour, which, depending on the components, can range from greyish to brown. Various pigments and dyes are also added to corrugated board to enhance the colour of the material, and various coatings and prints are often used on corrugated board.

Pakendi OÜ manufactures a variety of corrugated board boxes, cartons, envelopes, packaging contents, etc. on which it is possible to print the company's logo, logos, etc. accordingly.

Nowadays, corrugated board is known as one of the most successful and sustainable packaging materials in the packaging industry. Corrugated board is a material that can be recycled in most cases. This way of using and thinking has also become more and more ingrained in the production and processing of packaging materials.

Lainepapp on enim kasutatud materjal pakenditööstuses.
Corrugated board is the most widely used material in the packaging industry.

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