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Pakendi OÜ story

PAKENDI OÜ is an Estonian company that offers high quality and versatile services in printing, packaging and warehousing. Our dedicated professionals are familiar with the nuances of these fields, have state-of-the-art technology and are ready to provide solutions to meet any customer need.

For us, the world of printing is like a second home, where our specialists have a thorough understanding of the techniques. We use the latest and most powerful equipment, including digital printing, offset printing, wide format printing, as well as folding, stapling and perfect binding. PAKENDI OÜ guarantees a fast and efficient printing service, be it stickers, packaging, advertising or information printing.

PAKENDI OÜ specialises in the design and production of a wide range of packaging. In collaboration with the client, we create a prototype of the packaging, taking into account the product's specificities and possible challenges. The packaging must not only be safe for transport, but also carry brand values on the shop shelf or on the consumer's doorstep. Our aim is to offer both individual packaging and mass production, with the flexibility to meet customer needs.

Packaging is a set of services in which each component plays a role in the quality of the end result. PAKENDI OÜ offers a wide range of packaging services, including hand packing, labelling, film wrapping, binding, folding and more. Packaging must be not only functional but also emotional, adding value to the product.

The range of packaging materials at PAKENDI OÜ is versatile, including corrugated board, cardboard, paper, tapes, linen, foil, bags and pallets, cellulose paper. We offer high quality materials that ensure safe transport and storage of products.

PAKENDI OÜ offers professional e-shop support services, including product storage, packaging, labelling and transport management. This service makes all logistical concerns for the e-business owner simple and smooth.

PAKENDI OÜ's professional warehousing services offer secure and efficient storage in Tallinn Ring Business Park. The warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring fast and mobile storage and picking.

Read more about printing services and packaging on the Pakendi blog.

Also check out Pakendi's YouTube channel.

Visit also the website of Pakendi OÜ's parent company Pakenditööstus OÜ.

Get in touch and discover how PAKENDI can help you stand out through packaging!

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