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Sleeves or product or packaging wrappers

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Sleeving can say so much and add value to a product. Sleeves can be made of different materials depending on the product packaging, the possibilities are endless. A printing service that goes by many names: sleeves or product wraps. Ways to make a product more interesting with sleeves, using different papers and designs:

  • use a variety of colours: a colourful sleeving attracts customers' attention and helps the product stand out. Choose paper and ink colours that match the brand of the product.

  • additional illustrations and images: a design-rich sleeve with a variety of illustrations and images is eye-catching and helps customers to better visualise the product.

  • use interesting papers: use different textured papers to make the sleeving more physically interesting (for example, you could use silk paper).

  • choose the right font: choose the sleeved fonts carefully to match the brand of the product. You can use different fonts to highlight different product details.

  • use a variety of design elements: adding interesting design elements to the sleeve, such as lines, boxes and other shapes, can help make the food stand out and make the product more attractive.

Pakendiümris ehk sleev

Pakendiümbrisega ehk sleeviga saab tootele lisaväärtust anda

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